Student and Guardian Handbook

WELCOME to the 916 Career and Tech Center located on the Century College-East Campus for the 2022-23 school year. We’re glad you made the choice to merge your robust academic education and with us to gain a powerful competitive advantage in today’s new economy.

This handbook contains basic information, policies, procedures and expectations for students attending the 916 Career and Tech Center. The contents are intended to be a guide to our daily operation.  Please review this information carefully.

916 Career & Technical Center ………......................................... (651) 415-5537
916 Career & Technical Center Assistant Principal ……….. (651) 415-5534
916 Career & Technical Center Principal …………………........ (651) 415-5610
916 Career & Technical Center Registrar …………….............. (651) 415-5517
916 Career & Technical Center Transcript Request …..…... (651) 415-5537


Office Staff Hours:
7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Student Hours:
Time Block I ………………. 8:05-9:50 a.m.
Time Block II …………….. 10:00-11:45 a.m.
Time Block III ...…………. 12:35-2:15 p.m.

About This Handbook

This handbook highlights some of the frequently visited topics of the full 916 handbook

As students pursue their occupational interest, they have some of the finest instruction, equipment, and facilities available anywhere.  Students will also have more freedom than ever experienced in an educational setting; with this, comes more choices and responsibility.

Students who need support handling the choices available at the 916 Career & Tech Center will have escalating levels of support to help them make good choices.

Programs at the 916 Career and Tech Center are considered extensions of their high school.  Enrollment in a 916 Career and Technical Center program means students get to comply with all Northeast Metro 916 school policies in addition to their home school, city, and state expectations.


At Northeast Metro 916, equity means that everyone has access to what they individually need in order to learn, grow and thrive. At Northeast Metro 916, equity is a core component of all our work and is necessary to maximize the potential of each individual students, staff and family. We believe equity is a continuous and challenging process in which we must work to recognize and reduce assumptions and biases to truly understand the needs and potential of those whom we support. We are dedicated to fully engaging with others about our differences and deepening conversations around dignity, inclusion and culture. We will hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions through our everyday interactions with each other. We are committed to using equity to guide all interactions, decisions, and instruction.


Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District responds to the unique needs of students, educators, and school districts with innovation, quality, and trusted experience.


We are recognized as a center of excellence in quality career and technical education.  An industry experienced professional promotes student success through applied learning, technical skill attainment based on industry standards, academic integration, and career & college readiness.


Northeast Metro Career & Technical Center in partnership with member districts, colleges, and business/industry delivers next level occupational education and certification in preparation for active contribution to the global community.


Regular attendance is important. The Programs at the 916 Career and Technical Center are hands-on skill based and challenging to make up.

Students are expected to attend 916 Career and Tech only on days when both Northeast Metro 916 Career and Tech and their home high school is in session.

Students are welcome to attend 916 Career and Tech on days their home high school is NOT in attendance, however much arrange for their own transportation independently. Students are responsible for material that is missed that day.

A.  Daily Attendance
Attendance is taken in conjunction with MDE and home schools’ expectations for the different learning models.  A student’s official attendance record is kept at their home school.

B.  Excused Absence
The 916 Career & Tech Center only reports ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’ to a student’s home school. All communication excusing absences should all go to the student’s home school attendance office. A student’s official attendance record is kept at their home school. 

C.  Early Release Requests
All early-release requests should be prearranged through the student’s home school attendance office.  The home high school will then email the Career & Tech office or issue a pass to bring to our Career & Tech Office.

.  Extended Absence
Extended absence requires prior arrangements with the student’s instructor and with the 916 Career & Tech Office. An excused absence pre-approval form for this purpose is available from the Career & Tech Office.

E. College Credit & Absences
Seven absences in a semester or five absences in a trimester - excused or unexcused - may result in a student NOT being able to earn college credit. Career & Tech administration will reach out to the student and family to discuss the best course of action moving forward. 


Approved food and beverages are up to the discretion of the instructor.  Student visits to the Century College cafeteria are not allowed.


Student cell phones and other devices are to be used only upon permission of the instructor.  Site Wi-Fi is available for use of personal/home school issued devices for instructional purposes only.  Regular cellular service can be intermittent due to the composition of the 916 Career and Tech/Century College architecture.

Parents, guardians and home schools should plan to reach out to students in emergencies using the 916 Career and Tech main number (651) 415-5537. 


Most of the communication between the 916 Career & Tech Center and home occurs through the home high school counseling office. Guardians can view student progress and attendance through the Northeast Metro 916 Parent Portal. It is highly recommended that all guardians sign up! 

In the event of an emergency, please contact the main office at (651) 415-5537.  During instructional hours, staff members are generally unable to answer the phone. Due to instructional responsibilities, email communications may be read only once daily by staff. Therefore, one email response from staff each day is a reasonable expectation.


Programs at the 916 Career and Tech Center are considered extensions of a student’s home high school. Any clothing displaying words or symbols with sexual, hate speech, violence, or drug/alcohol themes are prohibited. Students arriving at school wearing offensive clothing will have a conversation with administration.

Additionally, students must adhere to all OSHA workplace safety guidelines for their program/career pathway. Each program and instructor will communicate those standards to students. After 3 warnings, administration will have a conversation with the student and their family to determine a future course of action.


In the interest of student safety and to ensure that schools are drug-free, district authorities may conduct searches of any students under the influence or suspected possession of drugs, chemicals, alcohol, or vaping. Students
violate school policy when they carry contraband on their person or in their personal possessions or store contraband in desks, lockers, or vehicles parked on school property.

The interior of a student's motor vehicle, including the glove and trunk compartments, in a school district location may be searched when school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law and/or school policy or rule. The search will be reasonable in its scope and intrusiveness. Such searches may be conducted without notice, without consent, and without a search warrant. A student will be subject to loss of
parking privileges and to discipline if the student refuses to open a locked motor vehicle or its compartments under the student’s control upon a school official’s request.

“Contraband” means any unauthorized item, the possession of which is prohibited by school district policy and/or law. If a search yields contraband, school officials will seize the item(s) and, when appropriate, give the item(s) to
legal officials for ultimate disposition. Families and home schools will be notified by administration and a re-entry meeting will happen before the student is allowed back in class.



Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  At the beginning of the school year, each instructor will outline the safety requirements of the course. In labs and shops, it is essential that they be worn at all times.  Students who refuse to wear their safety glasses will be referred to the home school for schedule reassignment.  

If an injury should occur at Northeast Metro 916, it must be reported to the program instructor and an accident form must be completed.  If emergency medical services are needed, students will be referred to the nearest emergency treatment facility.  Copies of each student’s emergency card will be kept in the nurse’s office for emergency use.

The State Fire Marshall requires five fire drills to occur during each school year.  When the alarm sounds, all students are expected to leave the building as quickly as possible via the posted exit and remain outdoors grouped together as a class.  

The 916 Career & Tech Center, in collaboration with Century College and multiple emergency response teams, have adopted the Run-Hide-Fight approach to an active shooter event.  Students and staff will participate in 6 Run-Hide-Fight drills during the school year to practice and explore the different options.
Severe weather and protective procedures are posted in each classroom.  When a drill or an actual warning is announced over the intercom, staff members are responsible to direct students to the designated shelter area.
Students and staff will participate in one Severe Weather drill during the school year to practice and explore the different options.

Assistance is provided to students requiring support in responding to these situations.


The age of majority for most purposes in Minnesota is 18 years of age. All students, regardless of age, are governed by the rules for students provided in school district policy and this handbook.


916 Career and Tech Center staff members are committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment that promotes respect for the rights of others and supports the development of individual responsibility.  Student behavior that jeopardizes the safety of other students or staff will be addressed accordingly.  A student’s disability and Individual Educational Plan will be carefully considered before any  action is taken.  All actions are governed by Northeast Metro 916 School Board Policy and related procedures while maintaining compliance with applicable Minnesota State and Federal Statutes and Rules.  The School Board Policies on Student Discipline, Weapons and Student Search can be found at:

Programs at the 916 Career and Tech Center are considered extensions of your high school; all behavior issues will be documented and referred back to the student’s high school administration.  Consequences will be determined by the Northeast Metro 916 student discipline policy in collaboration with the home high school district behavior procedures.  If deemed necessary, dismissal from a program at the 916 Career and Tech Center will result in reassignment to the home high school.

Programs at the 916 Career and Tech Center are considered extensions of a students’ high school; behavior issues will be documented in collaboration with the student’s high school administration.  

School expectations reflect the reality of the workplace where poor choices could result in job loss and/or injury. 



Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center is located on the Century College campus and follows the Minnesota State/Century College face covering policies.  Families will be provided ongoing guidance regarding face covering expectations during the school year.


Programs are allowed three fields per year and are approved by the 916 School Board. Permission forms will need to be signed at least two weeks prior to the field trip by a guardian and their home school administration.


Health Services:  Basic first-aid can be administered by Century College Health Services and the 916 EMT Instructor. In the event that basic First-Aid is not enough, 911 will be called. 

Medication:  No prescriptive medications will be administered to any student without written authorization by the parent/guardian and the student’s licensed practitioner. All medications should be coordinated with the student’s home school health services office and the 916 Career & Tech Main Office, 651-415-5537.   An Authorization for Administration of Medication form must be completed with dosage and time identified. This form must be on file in the health office before medication will be administered.  Parents/guardians may send their own supply of over-the-counter products  (i.e., lotion, Vaseline, sunscreen, etc.) for their student’s use. These products must be in the original container labeled with the student’s name. 

Emergency Information:  To ensure the safety and well-being of students, parents/guardians emergency information will be provided by the home school each year.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform school personnel (program instructor or office staff) of any changes that occur during the school year (i.e. address or phone number, emergency contact information, medication/medical procedure, health status).    Illness:  Students who become ill during the day will be referred to the 916 office.  We will coordinate with the home high school and work with the parent/guardian to coordinate the arrangements for transportation home.

Injuries:  Basic first-aid can be administered by 916 staff and administration. In the event that basic first-aid is not enough, 911 will be called.


Leaving the building or property without authorization is considered truancy and communicated back to the home school for disciplinary actions.


Students may use the Century College Library under the direction of their instructor.    


Use of locks and lockers vary by program, students should see their program instructor for more information.  Because the lockers are not secure, students should not use them to store money or other valuables.  The school is not responsible for any items stored in lockers.  

School lockers are the property of Century College provided for the convenience of students.  The School Board Policy on Student Searches is reprinted in the appendix to this handbook. 


A Lost & Found box is maintained in the Century College Security Office.  If an item is missing, students should first contact their program instructor for assistance. Students are strongly encouraged not to bring personal objects, collections, cash or other valuables to school.  While every attempt will be made to locate lost items, school staff and programs are not responsible for replacement cost.


Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916 staff are mandatory reporters and have an obligation to report suspected maltreatment of minors or vulnerable adults as required by state law.  The School Board Policies on mandatory reporting of maltreatment are available on the School District website.


Career and Tech offers mental health support to all students. Our Mental Health Specialist is located in the Student Success Center in Office E2374, which is next to the 916 Career and Tech Center Main Office. Students can drop in or schedule an appointment to meet with our Mental Health Specialist. Students are encouraged to utilize this
support in all areas of their mental health.

Canvas Health’s school-based mental health program (TAP) provides on-site mental health services to students who may not otherwise be able to access mental health services because of ability to pay, transportation, or
difficulty scheduling and keeping appointments.

The on-site Mental Health Specialist at 916 Career and Tech can provide mental health services to students during the school day or after school. We can help students work through things like depression, anxiety, trauma,
relationship issues, behavioral issues, and more.

Our Mental Health Specialist also works collaboratively with others in the school, offering consultation services to school administrators, teachers, and other treatment providers. Uninsured families can apply for grant funding to help cover the cost of TAP therapy if a student is interested in weekly or ongoing individual therapy services.

The Mental Health Specialist can help with:
● Learn skills to manage mental health at school and workplace.
● Assist students on a drop-in basis for support.
● Provide culturally responsive services to students and families.
● Promote student motivation and engagement.
● Monitoring student progress.
● Liaison for students to home high school support teams.
● Promote problem-solving and conflict resolution.
● Promote self-advocacy and resilience.
● Provide individual therapy.
● Assist in accessing community support and services.


It is the policy of Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916 to provide equal educational opportunity for all students.  The School District does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, and parental status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, sexual orientation or age.  The School District also makes reasonable accommodations for disabled students.


Students are prohibited from photographing, recording, or making any electronic record of other students, staff, or visitors without express consent of the individual who is the subject of the recording, photograph, or electronic
record. This policy applies to students during the school day, instructional or non-instructional time, or while participating in school events


In the event of an emergency or severe weather, please listen to WCCO Radio AM 830 or watch WCCO Channel 4 News for specific information. The 916 Career and Technical Center will be listed as NE Metro 916 or Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916.   


It is the policy of Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916 to maintain a learning environment that is free from harassment and violence.  District administrators or designees investigate complaints of sexual, racial or religious harassment and/or acts of violence, whether verbal, written or physical and respond with corrective or disciplinary action, if appropriate.  A student’s disability and IEP are carefully considered before any disciplinary action is taken.


Northeast Metro 916 keeps records on each student, past and present.
These records are used for referrals to employers, high schools, and post-secondary institutions.  Records will be sent if a Transcript Release Form has been completed.  The forms are located in the 916 Career and Tech Center’s Office, room E2351 or online at; under the Transcripts tab.

The records are always open to eligible students or their guardians.  This information will not be released to any person, agency, or institution except as permitted under state and federal law, including but not limited to:

  1. Upon receipt or proper written consent from the eligible student or parent/guardian.

  2. When compelled by law, such as a lawfully issued subpoena, or as authorized by state or federal law.

  3. Release of directory information.

A copy of the School Board Policy on Data Practices as well as the Rights as a Parent and Student can be found in the School Board Policy Handbook. 
A. Grade Reports
Progress reports regarding a student’s level of performance may be issued, at the instructor’s discretion, approximately midway in each trimester or semester.  The students’ records can be accessed by guardians on Parent Portal; registration is available at  Grades are reported to home high schools according to the high school district terms.  The home high school maintains the student’s permanent grade record.
B. Transcripts
All students who plan to attend a post-secondary school at any time should request a copy of their 916 Career & Technical Center transcript. Students may request an official transcript be sent to a post-secondary college by submitting a transcript request form.   It is also recommended that you show this transcript to the college advisor when you complete your first college visit to assist in the course selection.

The Transcript Request Form is available on our web page under Transcript Request.
C. College Credit - Articulated
The Northeast Metro Career and Technical Center has entered into articulation agreements with many technical & community colleges and universities to assist students. Articulation is the award of related college/university credit to students who successfully complete their 916 Career and Technical Education curriculum.  The benefits of articulation are:  

  • Saving money on tuition, fees and books
  • Earning college credits while still in high school

Students will also find their articulated course record by logging into

These agreements offer the students college credit or tuition credit if enrolled at that college while meeting the requirements as listed below:

  1. Complete semester/year in the Career and Technical Center program as a junior or senior in high school.

  2. Earn a grade of A or B.

College Credit - Concurrent Enrollment = Century College in the High Schools
Students enrolled in select programs at the 916 Career and Technical Center have an additional college credit opportunity called Century College in the High Schools.  Once qualified and registered, Century College in the High School students earn a high school grade and a Century College transcript (college credits and grade) through active participation in their 916 Career and Technical Center program.  See the Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center Course Guide for details.

Lack of Academic Progress

Students earning a 'F' for a grading period may have a re-entry meeting with administration to increase student success or may be given a new schedule at their home high school


Textbooks are provided.  There will be a charge to replace a book if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned.


Bus transportation is provided by the home district to and from the 916 Career and Tech Center each day that the Center is open and the student’s high school is in session.  Students are expected to follow their district’s policies concerning transportation.    Each home district must approve any change in transportation arrangements.  School buses will arrive five minutes before classes begin and depart five minutes after classes are over.

Upon arrival at 916 Career and Technical Center, students are expected to be in their classroom when class begins.  

Any student who misses the bus returning to their high school is responsible for arranging their own transportation back to their high school.  If this happens, students should report to the 916 Career and Tech Center Office, Room E2351 while awaiting transportation.

A. Vehicle Use and Parking

The 916 Career and Tech Center requires an approval from students’ home high school.  No parking is allowed in the visitor parking area, handicapped parking areas, “reserved” parking areas, yellow curb areas, and any area that would result in blocking traffic, deliveries, etc. 

Driving is a privilege and not a right.  Leaving tread marks in the parking lot, excessive speed, or repeated tardiness will result in the student losing driving privileges for a quarter or trimester.


A. Badges

All visitors must sign in and out at the main office E2351, receive a visitor badge, and return it upon departure.

B. Student Visitors  
Visitors to Career and Technical Center must be prearranged three days in advance.  All visitors must have the approval of the instructor, the home high school, their parent/guardian, and the 916 Career and Technical Center Office.  Forms are available from the instructors or the Center’s office.