College Credits

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Last year, our students earned more than 2,700 college credits.

Students at 916 Career and Tech experience unique and meaningful hands-on learning opportunities where they can explore a passion while earning high school and college credit in a college setting. We offer several opportunities for students to complete their college program sooner, plus save time and money.

Students earn three kinds of credit while attending 916 Career & Tech.:

  • Credit toward high school graduation for satisfactorily completing the school year at 916 Career & Technical Center.

  • Articulated college credit: Students can earn technical or community college credits for some courses completed at 916 Career & Tech. If a student earns an a A or B with us, they will receive the college credit after they enroll for one semester at that post-secondary school. Learn more.

  • Concurrent college credit: Students can earn transcripted college credit in addition to high school credit at both their home high school and Century College. Learn more.

Jill Slayton
Career and College Readiness Specialist
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  • Articulation instructions: for students to claim the credits they earned in one of our courses

  • CTE credit: Where students can register and claim your articulated college credits

  • CitHS Drop form: If you drop a course from Career and Tech for which you are concurrently enrolled at Century College, you will need to also drop from Century with this form.

  • CitHS Credit transfers: learn about the process and resources available to you as you transfer credits from Century to another institution.