Programs of Study

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Arts, communications and information systems

Computer Hardware/Software & Game Design

  • Power the modern world: create dynamic code for games, design networks, build computers, and explore cyber security

  • Solve today’s high-tech hardware and software challenges

  • Experience in-depth, hands-on labs while troubleshooting

Agriculture, food and natural resources

Animal Science and Natural Resources

  • Help animals and the environment in your community through exploration of animal and plant sciences

  • Experience animal genetics, nutrition, first aid and health care, with live animals, modeling, and simulations

  • Jump-start a career in Minnesota ecosystems: water, soils, forestry and wildlife

Business management and administration

Entrepreneurship, Travel, and Tourism

  • Be the boss, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and build your own business

  • Utilize dynamic technology such as robust social media and digital platforms to create vibrant strategic marketing

  • Design, prototype, and launch advertising, sales, and public relations campaigns for a wide range of products

Introduction to Hospitality Careers

  • Create the perfect guest experience by gaining valuable skills for careers such as hotel front desk, housekeeping, customer service, retail, catering, and transportation

  • Explore a variety of entry level careers in hospitality through engaging activities and guest speakers

  • Network with local employers in this fast-paced high-demand career pathway

Travel and Tourism
Not offered during the 2020-21 school year. Check back in spring 2021 for updates on our program offerings.

  • Plan exciting travel and entertainment itineraries for clients including transportation, lodging and entertainment

  • Identify and pitch entertainment and recreation opportunities in local, state, national and international markets

  • Manage various operations within the travel and tourism industry while developing strong business management and communication skills


Cosmetology - General

  • Express individual creativity by providing a wide range of artistic hair, nail, and skincare services using the latest technology, trends, and name-brand products

  • Network with guest speakers and industry connections

  • Work in a simulated full-service salon and spa while performing services according to science and standards

Cosmetology - Esthiology and Nail Technology

  •  Grow your ability to care for, repair, and beautify skin with salon quality products
  • Jumpstart your career in eyelash extensions, tinting, perming, facials, body scrubs, full body waxing and makeup
  • Express/develop your creativity and skills in nail design and extensions using builder gel, acrylic, and dip systems

Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology

Auto Dismantling/ Intro to Autos

  • Work alongside a master technician to safely disassemble motor vehicles, operate forklifts, identify parts and components, and explore welding techniques

  • Jump start your career in an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts

  • Help save the environment by implementing safe recycling practices for motor vehicles

Automotive Technology

  • Maintain, repair, and fine-tune a wide range of vehicles alongside an ASE Master Technician in a full-service automotive center

  • Utilize the same advanced diagnostic and repair equipment as industry professionals to troubleshoot simple and complex systems

  • Optimize vehicle operation and performance using applied critical thinking and problem solving

Construction Occupations

  • Experience the satisfaction of building an upscale residential home from the ground up

  • Operate power tools in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical while working alongside trade professionals

  • Apply critical thinking to manage construction teams and interpret blueprints

Diesel Trucks and Engine Technology

  • Diagnose, repair, overhaul and assemble diesel-powered engines for heavy-duty trucks, locomotives and military tanks

  • Utilize the same advanced equipment as industry professionals in this high-demand, high paying field

  • Network with local employers and training programs

Introduction to Maintenance and Environmental Services

  • Experience the rewarding field of custodial services to keep facilities operating at peak levels

  • Identify and use the appropriate tools, chemicals, and methods to create and maintain a high-quality environment

  • Build productive communication skills to work in a wide range of settings

Exploration and enrichment

Mentor Connection (Honors)

  • Connect your passion to relevant career fields, sharpen your focus, and develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed

  • Collaborate with a personal mentor and network with professionals in your field

  • Create a portfolio and develop an early professional reputation showcasing your interests

Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) Plus

  • Get a head start after high school by learning basic career and life skills in a simulated work environment

  • Receive valuable feedback on your work behaviors, skills, and interests

  • Practice your job-hunting skills like writing a powerful resume, nailing the application, and participating in mock interviews

Youth Apprenticeship/Work-Based Learning

  • Earn high school credit while getting paid to build your work experiences and resume for future college and career success

  • Develop and showcase your talents and skills on the job in one of a wide variety of local business and industry settings

  • The workplace is your classroom where you will expand your potential working both independently and alongside industry professionals

Skills 4 Life

  • Discover and practice what it takes to thrive in group and independent living settings
  • Explore a variety of career fields through hands on activities in simulated work environments
  • Engage with peers and community to build a network of connections for employment and social activities

Human services

Careers in Education

  • Make a difference by developing relationships to motivate students to reach their potential

  • Create cutting-edge lessons using technology that engages learners from a variety of backgrounds

  • Develop the skills to reach learners with many abilities and from many cultures

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

  • Make a difference by being entrusted to improve community relationships and protect citizens

  • Engage in police ride-alongs, auto extrications, and community involvement

  • Explore how state and federal laws work to keep people safe and analyze the causes and effects of criminal behavior

Health Sciences

Dental Careers

  • Develop a passion to educate adults and children on the importance of oral health, hygiene and diet

  • Perform a wide range of dental services, including chair side assistance, instrument transfer, oral impressions, and the use of advanced dental instruments

  • Explore careers in this fast-growing healthcare field such as orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Experience the thrill of saving lives in real-world emergency situations where your actions make a difference

  • Perform detailed medical and trauma patient assessments using advanced emergency equipment

  • Engage in ambulance ride-alongs, 911 call center job shadowing, and auto extrications

Introduction to Medical Careers

  • Explore a variety of entry level careers in the medical field

  • Engage in hands-on activities, and learn from individuals in the field

  • Gain skills and knowledge for industry certifications such as CPR/First Aid, Personal Care Attendant, and Nursing Assistant

Medical Careers (Honors)

  • Enhance the quality of patients’ lives by participating in clinical rotations in long-term care facilities and achieve your nursing assistant certification

  • Explore a wide range of high-demand healthcare careers through practical lab experiences

  • Emphasis on medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and infection control

Satellite programs

Satellite Programs

  • Learn sign language, motor sports technology and more through one of our many satellite programs

  • Experience rigorous coursework from the convenient locations of local area high schools

  • Earn articulated college credit in the field of your choosing