Programs of Study

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Arts, communications and information systems

Animation and Game Design *NEW in 2023-24

  • Unleash the power of art and technology to produce eye-catching graphics and motion

  • Bring a creative vision to life using professional techniques, high-tech gaming, and other visual media

  • Showcase your abilities alongside other creative and technical individuals while creating a professional portfolio

Information Technology: Repair, Network, Cybersecurity   *NEW in 2023-24

  • Solve real-world technology problems by using high-tech troubleshooting techniques

  • Experience the power of Python programming to unlock the worlds of automation plus game and software development

  • Protect computers and networks to defend against criminal and terrorist threats

Computer Hardware/Software & Game Design

  •  Experience in-depth, hands-on labs assembling and dissembling computers while trouble shooting customers' real-world technical problems.
  • Power the modern world: design networks, explore cyber security, and create dynamic code for games using Python and C++

  • Solve today‚Äôs high-tech hardware and software challenges

Agriculture, food and natural resources

Animal Science and Natural Resources

  • Help animals and the environment in your community through exploration of animal and plant sciences

  • Experience animal genetics, nutrition, first aid and health care, with live animals, modeling, and simulations

  • Get your hands dirty exploring water, soils, forestry, and wildlife in MN ecosystems

Environmental Science & Natural Resources    *Not running for 2024-25

  • Get outside and jumpstart a career in Minnesota Conservation; gather information about water, soils, forestry, and wildlife

  • Grow your own plants in our greenhouse and design, create, and install sustainable habitats and landscapes

  • Make a difference in your community and the world by identifying and solving environmental problems

Business management and administration

Entrepreneurship, Travel and Social Media Marketing

  • Be the boss, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and build your own business

  • Tell a story of branding and promotion through video and podcast mediums

  • Design, prototype, and launch advertising sales and public relations campaigns for a wide range of products including travel


Cosmetology - General A & B

  • Express individual creativity by providing a wide range of artistic hair, nail, and skincare services using the latest technology, trends, and name-brand products

  • Network with guest speakers and industry connections

  • Work in a simulated full-service salon and spa while performing services according to science and standards

Cosmetology - Esthiology and Nail Technology

  •  Grow your ability to care for, repair, and beautify skin with salon quality products
  • Jumpstart your career in eyelash extensions, tinting, perming, facials, body scrubs, full body waxing and makeup
  • Express/develop your creativity and skills in nail design and extensions using builder gel, acrylic, and dip systems

Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology

Aviation and Aerospace Technology *Not offered for 2024-25

  • Take your skills to new heights using UAS/UAO (unmanned aerospace system/unmanned aerospace operation) and drone technology for recreational and commercial use

  • Explore the world of flight, flight operations, aviation weather, engine performance, navigation, and communication

  • Discover the many career options in the fast-paced and rapidly changing world of aviation and aerospace sciences with lesson enhanced by guest speakers and field trips to local airports and aviation sites.

Automotive and Auto Body Careers    *NEW for 2024-25

  • Jumpstart your future as an auto service, tire, lube, small engines, and auto body (wraps, paintless dent repair, ceramic coating, etc) technician

  • Experience a real-life automotive shop environment utilizing the same tools and equipment as professionals

  • Explore MIG, TIG, and virtual welding for use with auto body and repair

Automotive Technology

  • Maintain, repair, and fine-tune a wide range of vehicles alongside an ASE Master Technician in a full-service automotive center

  • Utilize the same advanced diagnostic and repair equipment as industry professionals to troubleshoot simple and complex systems

  • Optimize vehicle operation and performance using applied critical thinking and problem solving

Construction Occupations- Licensed Trades

  • Get hands-on, real-world experience in the licensed trades of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and solar/renewable energy

  • Fast track yourself by attaining the skills and knowledge that lead to success in the post-secondary training or direct entry into the workforce

  • Engage in hands-on activities used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings

Construction Occupations- Student Built Home

  • Experience the satisfaction of building an upscale residential home from the ground up

  • Operate power tools in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical while working alongside trade professionals

  • Apply critical thinking to manage construction teams and interpret blueprints

Diesel Trucks and Engine Technology

  • Diagnose, repair, overhaul and assemble diesel-powered engines for heavy-duty trucks, locomotives and military tanks

  • Utilize the same advanced equipment as industry professionals in this high-demand, high paying field

  • Network with local employers and training programs

Welding *NEW in 2024-25

  • Manipulate the power of fire and electricity to design and construct the metal products people use every day.

  • Explore welding techniques such as MIG, TIG, stick, oxyacetylene, oxyfuel, and plasma cutting using live and virtual methods

  • Express yourself- join, cut, bend, and manipulate metal for industrial and creative applications

Exploration and enrichment

Youth Apprenticeship/Internship  *Not offered for 2024-25

  • Earn high school credit while getting paid to build your work experiences and resume for future college and career success

  • Develop and showcase your talents and skills on the job in one of a wide variety of local business and industry settings

  • The workplace is your classroom where you will expand your potential working both independently and alongside industry professionals 

Human services

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

  • Make a difference by being entrusted to improve community relationships and protect citizens

  • Engage in police ride-alongs, auto extrications, and community involvement

  • Explore how state and federal laws work to keep people safe and analyze the causes and effects of criminal behavior

Health Sciences

Dental Careers

  • Develop a passion to educate adults and children on the importance of oral health, hygiene and diet

  • Perform a wide range of dental services, including chair side assistance, instrument transfer, oral impressions, and the use of advanced dental instruments

  • Explore careers in this fast-growing healthcare field such as orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Experience the thrill of saving lives in real-world emergency situations where your actions make a difference

  • Perform detailed medical and trauma patient assessments using advanced emergency equipment

  • Engage in ambulance ride-alongs, 911 call center job shadowing, and auto extrications

Medical Careers Series

Tri/Semester based courses can be taken IN ANY ORDER

  1. Medical Careers- Introduction (grade 10 and up)    R2
  2. Basic Life Support (grade 10 and up)                                R2
  3. Nursing Assistant (grade 10 and up)                                 R3
  4. Phlebotomy (grade 12 only)                                                   R3
  5. Work Based Learning/Mentor Connection (work release)
    • Must hold certification and provide own transportation

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Satellite programs

Satellite Programs

  • Learn sign language, motor sports technology and more through one of our many satellite programs

  • Experience rigorous coursework from the convenient locations of local area high schools

  • Earn articulated college credit in the field of your choosing