Satellite Programs

These courses are offered at the high school listed. A few slots are reserved the following programs for students enrolled in member districts of Northeast Metro 916. Students must provide their own transportation and must enroll for a full year. 

Mounds View High School

People communicating with ASL

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American Sign Language (ASL) I A & B

Prerequisite: None

During the first level of American Sign Language, the student will develop a foundation of basic vocabulary and basic grammatical structure. Also, the student will be introduced to classifiers, numbers, expressions and emotional variations. Successful completion of the course will allow the student to converse with deaf individuals at the survival level. In addition, the student will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the deaf culture and its relationship to ASL.

American Sign Language (ASL) II A & B

Prerequisite: Completion of 2 semesters of ASL I with a C or higher; pass final interview with 68% or higher in ASL I.

During the second level of American Sign Language, the student will continue to develop vocabulary and grammatical structure. The student will work on fluency of their receptive and expressive skills in American Sign Language, and they will also work more in depth on classifiers, use of space, expressions, emotional variations, and deaf culture idioms. Successful completion of this course will allow students to converse with deaf individuals at the basic level. In addition, the student is expected to demonstrate understanding of deaf culture and its relationship to ASL.

White Bear Lake High School

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American Sign Language (ASL) I (North Campus only)

Prerequisite: None

Students will be exposed to a more diverse and inclusive environment as they learn about deaf culture and gain the ability to communicate with deaf peers and members of the community.

American Sign Language (ASL) II (South Campus only)

Prerequisite: ASL 1

This course is a continuation of American Sign Language 1. The students will progress in their fluency in American Sign Language and understanding ASL through the addition of new vocabulary classifiers (Mime – Signs), structures and practice.

Motor Sports Technology (South Campus only)

Prerequisite: None

The growing interest in ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles has created an increasing need to maintain and care for these vehicles. In the past, almost every vehicle owner was his/her own mechanic. Today, the vast majority of owners have their vehicles serviced by technicians. In this course, students will learn about styles and designs of ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, along with the service and replacement process for defective parts. The systems of these vehicles and how they work, including four and two stoke cycle engines, engine power characteristics, fuel, electrical, cooling, lubrication, and exhaust systems are all areas covered in this class. Other featured areas are vehicle chassis, frame, suspension, wheels and tires, tracks, brakes, and the many new accessories that come out each year. This course will consist of lab activities, manuals and textbooks, and lab time to work on personal vehicles.

Woodbury High School

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Air Force Junior ROTC

Prerequisite: None

The mission of AFJROTC is to build better citizens for America. To meet this goal, each year the curriculum and Cadet Corps extracurricular activities focus on a mix of aeronautics and leadership in combination with school and community service. Academic themes of study centered on aeronautics and space include the science and history of aviation, astronomy and spaceflight, world and cultural studies, survival skills, and military policy and organization. Leadership aspects include Cadet Corps management, drill and uniform wear, military customs, individual and organizational communications skills, career choices, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. Uniforms are provided at no cost to each student. Voluntary involvement in numerous Cadet Corps functions and school and community extracurricular service activities conducted under AFJROTC auspices provide a memorable way to enhance enrollment in the program. Students enrolled in AFJROTC are NOT required to enlist in the military following graduation but may accrue enlistment benefits and receive college credit should they so choose.


AFJROTC - Exploration of Space:

This video provides a narrative description of the AFJROTC program ... its purpose, mission, and benefits.


This video is a music/photo compilation of our year, highlighting some of the many extracurricular activities we do.

Let's have some fun!

This document specifically describes the class and how it is run throughout a normal school week.  

What is Aerospace Science (AFJROTC)

This presentation includes testimonials from cadets describing what they got out of AFJROTC throughout their high school career.

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