Winter Weather

Photo of snowman

The 916 Career and Technical Center is part of Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District. For our school district, the decision to close schools is complex and the safety of our students and staff, especially those waiting at bus stops, is always the most important factor we consider when making the decision. We do not make the decision based on a specific temperature or snowfall benchmark, but rather assess a multitude of factors including temperature, wind chill, amount of snow, road conditions and geography. The National Weather Service is our source for weather information used to make this decision.

Due to the often unpredictable winter weather in Minnesota, in most cases we wait until the morning of each school day before notifying families. However, there may be rare instances when we make a decision the night before.

Special situations:

  • If 916 Career & Tech is closed but students' home school district is open, students should report to their home school.

  • If 916 Career & Tech is open but students' home school district is closed, students are welcome to come to Career & Tech for their timeblock but must provide their own transportation. If parents choose to keep their student home, the absence will be excused.

Staying connected

Northeast Metro 916 uses a service called SchoolMessenger to call, text, and email families notifying you of school closings and other important information. To ensure you receive these notifications, please make sure your contact information is up-to-date with your student’s school.

Here are some other ways you can stay connected:

  • Listen and watch WCCO radio, TV and online. We will be listed under the name Northeast Metro #916.

  • Check the district website at

  • Follow the district on Twitter at @916schools.

  • Follow the district on Facebook at @916schools.

School closures affect all buildings and programs including special education; care & treatment; the Career & Tech Center; Area Learning Centers, credit recovery, and night school; and district administrative offices.

Families have a choice

As parents/guardians, you always have the option to keep your student at home if you feel conditions are unsafe. We make the best decision we can for the district, but we respect your assessment of what is best for your student. If you choose not to send your student to school, please report the absence to the school office so it will be excused.