2020-21 Learning

** Updated February 25, 2021**

Effective March 15, 916 Career and Technical Center will be open to in-person learning, on campus, Monday through Thursday.  Fridays will remain a distance learning/asynchronous learning day. 

Your student should follow whatever model is in place for your home high school 

If your district is in hybrid, students should follow the hybrid-2 day per week on campus schedule. If your district is in-person four days per week, your student should attend 916 Career and Tech four days per week

PAES Plus will remain in its current M-F model.  All students on campus should conduct a self health assessment daily, and plan to follow social distancing and mask wearing protocols

Instructor online learning and contact information is linked here.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your instructor or contact us at ctcsupport@916schools.org or (651) 415-5537.

Additional resources for COVID-19 related support can be accessed through your local school system or feel free to reference the Northeast Metro 916 COVID-19 support page as needed.

We are committed to the safety and success of every student enrolled at 916 Career and Tech and look forward to continuing to stay connected this year.