Welcome to the 2020-21 school year

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year
Posted on 09/08/2020
Jill Stewart-Kellar

Dear parents and guardians,

The 916 Career and Tech Center looks forward to partnering with your students' home high school to provide the opportunity for your student to gain a competitive advantage for their future, regardless of the unique circumstances that 2020 has given us.

Enhanced Distance Learning

Beginning Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 Northeast Metro 916 will start in our Enhanced Distance Learning model. The first day of instruction for 916 Career and Tech students is Monday, September 14.

For Enhanced Distance Learning, 916 Career & Tech students will do much of their work remotely. However, students in some programs will participate in clinicals and labs as required by the industry credentials and college credit they are pursuing in their programs. These are conducted on-site in a socially-distanced way.

For families choosing a distance learning only format, all programs at 916 Career and Tech will offer learning opportunities to the fullest extent possible. However, families choosing this option should be aware that some industry certifications and college credits may not be attainable in the distance learning only format. Please consult your student’s instructor for additional information.

For students choosing our Enhanced Distance Learning Model, you will follow the guidance of your home high school related to access to on-campus activities and transportation.

Virtual Open House

A virtual open house was held Wednesday, September 2nd. Information and resources covered at the open house are available at careertech.916schools.org/getstarted.

Daily Learning Activities

Students enrolled at 916 Career and Tech should expect to follow their home high school calendar throughout the school year. Learning activities will be structured daily (online and/or in person) and students should engage in those learning activities each day. Instructors will be reaching out to students using their home high school email address the week of September 9th and the first day of instruction for 916 Career and Tech students is Monday, September 14.

Student Engagement

Teachers and staff will spend time connecting with families via email addresses provided by home schools and then by phone from September 9-11. Students will begin their coursework Monday, September 14. 

This year we will be focusing on engaging with our students and their families. We will be using the Remind app to do much of our communication. Students AND guardians will need to download the Remind app on your phone or access on a computer to ensure messaging. If your email address or phone number have changed please notify us immediately so we can ensure you are receiving the communications.


As a partner to your school district, the 916 Career and Tech Center relies on our member districts to provide technology access (computer or iPad) for student distance learning activities. Should students encounter any problems accessing the 916 online resources, please contact Erick Lehet at (651) 415-5534 or [email protected].

What's Next

Families should look for a copy of this letter in email format this week. It is being sent using the email contact information provided by your home high school (both guardian email and student’s home high school email addresses). If you have not received it, check your Junk folder. If you would like to update your contact information, please send it to [email protected].

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your students’ instructor or contact [email protected] or (651) 415-5537.

We look forward to a rewarding and engaging year with over 900 students enrolled in the 20 programs at 916 Career and Tech where students gain a competitive advantage for post-secondary success!

Take good care,

The 916 Career and Tech Team